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On Good Friday in 1993 two friends decided to play golf . They decided to ask a few others to join them. Those few asked a few more and as tee off time on Good Friday drew closer, the two friends soon realised that one group of four would not be enough. 
On Good Friday of that year, THIRTY-SIX players tee'd off for a round of golf at Whittlesea Golf Club.  After a few drinks and a hearty meal at the Whittlesea Hotel, most players on the day committed to playing golf again on Good Friday 1994.

As the Good Friday Game 1994 came to a close, more food and drinks were on the menu, this time the Epping Hotel was the venue. It was after the good food and drink that someone suggested that a golf club be formed.


As most that played over the last two years were of the same nationality, a suggestion that the name 'Nashi' meaning 'our' in the native tongue be the name of the club. And so it was, Nashi Golf Club was formed.


Although the name of the club may be of Macedonian descent, the club prides itself on being a non-political denomination and does not tolerate any political slants. For this reason Nashi Golf Club has a mixture of all nationality's and why it continues to go from strength to strength.


From it's humble beginning's in 1993 when two friends arranged a game of golf for thirty-six players to 2006 where the club now has over one hundred members, including the same two that arranged the first game, Nashi Golf Club is about one thing, getting together and having fun.


And who were the two friends that started Nashi Golf Club?

Peter Raptopoulos and Nick Klashovski........ and thirty-four other friends and golfers.  

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